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Faces of CBMR: Pamina Gräsle

Pamina Gräsle carried out a three-month internship with the Sakamoto Group, with support from the Erasmus+ programme. Originally from Germany, she has now returned to Heidelberg University to start her MSc thesis project in biochemistry. Before she left, she took the time to answer some questions about her time at CBMR and what brought her … Continue reading Faces of CBMR: Pamina Gräsle

The lockdown thaws as CBMR’s labs start to slowly reopen

On Monday, some CBMR staff returned to their laboratories for the first time since the University of Copenhagen closed its doors six weeks ago. But it’s not a return to normal – far from it. The government has allowed for a controlled and limited reopening, which have required new comprehensive health and safety guidelines limit … Continue reading The lockdown thaws as CBMR’s labs start to slowly reopen

Faces of CBMR: Danial Ahwazi

Danial joined CBMR in January 2017 as a Master student before spending almost two years as a Research Assistant in the Barrès Group. He now works as Staff Scientist in the Sakamoto Group where he is designing new molecular tools to assess non-insulin dependent glucose uptake in vitro and in vivo. Danial has also helped … Continue reading Faces of CBMR: Danial Ahwazi

Love in the Time of Corona

By Postdoc Opal Huang The nationwide shutdown in Denmark due to the coronavirus outbreak was not entirely unexpected, observing other European countries’ trajectory of mounting infected cases and deaths. The first few days was unbearable, with the overwhelming amount of news on the media brewing into fear and anxiety in isolation. The unflinching reality of … Continue reading Love in the Time of Corona

Some members of the Barrès Group on a Teams meeting.

Productivity starts with positivity

Cells have been frozen, flights have been canceled, data quickly stored on shared drives, and lab meetings have become virtual. With the lockdown set to continue for another two weeks, here’s how CBMR’s Barrès Group has been coping with our new reality.  The lockdown is forcing us, and many others, to be creative how we … Continue reading Productivity starts with positivity

Staying social and productive during the coronavius quarantine

CBMR PhDs and postdocs reflect on the impact of Denmark’s social distancing measures, and what it means for their work, family and social lives Danes were given little warning before the prime minister introduced stark social distancing measures on March 11 – measures that are now expected to last through until the middle of April. … Continue reading Staying social and productive during the coronavius quarantine