A day in the life: Platform Manager Mie Mechta

As everyone settles into daily life working from home, I spoke to Mie Mechta about how she is juggling managing the Single Cell Omics Platform and parenting two young boys. Here’s a normal day in Mie’s life, alongside her husband and kids. 

5:30 – The kids wake up between 5:30 and 6:00. As myself and my husband are both working full-time, we try to stick to a schedule throughout the day where we alternate work and childcare shifts of around two hours. I am a morning person, so I take the first shift and let my husband sleep in for another hour or so. 

Mie’s workspace at home

7:00 – My husband takes over so I can start my work day. I start by making a to-do list and by preparing for any meetings I have that day. This is also the time I can go through my emails and reply to anything urgent. 

8:00 – Back on kid duty, we do an activity together. Yesterday we colored Easter eggs, which kept them occupied for a while! 

Painting easter eggs

9:00 – I attend a virtual lab meeting with the Barrès group for a couple hours. Normally, I try to attend lab meetings from several groups, since this is a good way to be updated and hear about new projects and protocols. This morning, we talked through what we completed last week and the tasks we are hoping to get done this week. It’s nice to hear from colleagues and get updates on the different projects.

11:00 – An early lunch with the kids. 

12:00 – We go outside for a short bike ride, to get fresh air and stretch our legs. This is especially important with two small boys who are full of energy!

The view from our bike ride

14:00 – I meet with Mette and Helle, who are the lab technicians on the platform, to talk through their tasks. As the labs are closed due to the lockdown, we have been focusing on setting up Labguru, a digital lab book for the Center. I also fit in some work on the platform’s webpage, which we launched a few months ago. I am building some price examples for different services we offer and writing a short explanation of how to acknowledge the platform in publications. 

17:30 – Early dinner with the family. 

19:00 – The kids go to bed and I am able to get a couple more hours of work in. Last night I worked on producing a sequencing calendar for the platform in Labguru. When I work in the evenings, I try to focus on easy tasks as I am usually pretty tired! Then, I go to bed and start all over again the next morning…

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Roberta May Fisher

Research Coordinator, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR)

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